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Starting from loading to unloading and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit, we take nothing to chance.

Our Approach

12TG is built with the customer in mind. It’s what drives us. Providing the best possible customer experience is our goal.

Why 12TG

12TG grew from the desire to provide customers with more options for their logistics needs. Built from the ground up, on a nationwide network of agents, 12TG services all types of customers, in all industries, all over North America.

Our Services

WHY CHOOSE OUR OVER THE ROAD SERVICE? We suit your needs. We provide capacity solutions for customers of all sizes. We leverage our existing equipment and drivers so we are able to react quicker than other contracted services. All trailers are …
WHY CHOOSE OUR DRAYAGE SERVICES? When we leverage drayage service in the supply chain, we gain more options for moving shipments. 12TG’s drayage and rail services mean you can: Improve efficiency and manage spend by building a route …

WHY BECOME A 12TG AGENT? Transportation professionals understand there is far more to running a successful business than just driver relationships and dispatching. Many of the support activities carry a steep cost for small terminals- this is where we can help…

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are fundamental principles which are our strengths that distinguish us from our competitors. These strengths give us a distinct advantage in our industry where many times the focus is more about moving product from location to location without regard for the customers specific needs or the people involved in the process along the way.

  • Understanding our customer’s business challenges
  • Flexibility in our solutions
  • Leverage vast industry expertise
  • Our commitment to customer service excellence

“We have a best in class team of employees to help our customers realize their full potential and maximize their efficiencies.”

–John Whittaker, CEO

Our Locations

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